Covid-19 lockdown 2.0 update

Covid-19 lockdown 2.0 update Sport Freak

Government classified us as an essential business therefore we intend to stay open to serve our customers. We will reevaluate this decision on a weekly basis. Currently, data shows that shops are significantly below average infection rate (Source here). We truly believe our safety measures that are in place are optimal. Shopping in local small businesses is ideal and a safer option. We would like all customers to disinfect their hands when entering the shop and follow strict safety and social distancing guidelines. We still offer click and collect, as well as national delivery of our products, and we offer online prices in shop. 

Unfortunately, we currently won’t be able to offer any stock reservations or pre-orders (aside of click and collect) due to previous lockdown shortages of some products and brands. We have seen a significant rise in popularity of D3 vitamin due to this BBC article and multiple others on its effect on Covid-19. Vitamin C is on high demand due to this article. Therefore, unfortunately we need to stick to first come, first served basis. We also wrote a previous article about benefits of d3 which originally appeared on our Facebook page many years ago (some of you might still remember) just to emphasize, even before coronavirus, those supplements are always an important addition to your diet. 

We spoke with numerous customers who mention their struggles with staying fit and healthily during previous lockdown gym closure. We have learned from this experience, and we increased the number of training accessories, we will also try to provide advice on equipment and home workouts, we know it is not an ideal situation, but we hope even facing this difficulty all our customers can stay healthily, safe and fit. 
On top of that we sell hand gels, 80% cotton 20% polyester face masks (with our shop logo or plain black) as well as advocate regular exercise and a healthy diet as always. Stay safe, shop safe, and look after yourself.

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