D3 for more gains, well-being and health

D3 for more gains, well-being and health Sport Freak

Do you feel lower energy and mood in winter months? Do you have less motivation? Do you notice your training and physique being affected around this time of a year? Do you start binge eating? Do you know your problems might be simply solved for less than £0.07 a day? Would you like to notice more gains, energy, motivation, improved mood and sexual performance? What if there is substance that is cheap, easily available and can do all of this as well as act very similar to hormones. It might surprise you but substance we are talking about is recommended by NHS. From September till March NHS recommends supplementing D3 (sunshine in capsule) due to deficiencies that we get in those months. Keep in mind average cheap D3 supplements will have doses as low as 500-1000 IU (12.5-25 mcg) this is OK for extra addition in summer when you stay indoors for too long but it won’t be enough for winter. It is highly recommended to dose between 4000-8000 IU (100-200 mcg) in those months. Be careful of cheap mass-producing brands with provide you with under-dosed product. That is why we have in our offer 120 capsules of 5000 IU (this is 4 months supply). Not only you will notice more gains, since D3 acts in your body more like a hormone than like a vitamin, and who doesn’t want to have higher hormone levels, but also energy and motivation, stronger bones, better immune system, stronger nervous system, brain support, it regulates insulin and aids diabetes management. It also supports lung function and your cardio. Not to mention it influences genes involved in cancer development. If more gains, better health, and higher energy and motivation is not enough to spend £0.07 per day on yourself and your well-being than we don’t know what is. Come visit us, we are normally open 7 days a week, right in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne or order online. In Sport Freak you will get the best selection, the best advice and you will get the best results!

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