The best pre-workout 2020 (top 5)

The best pre-workout 2020 (top 5) Sport Freak

One of the best-selling products, customers always ask about, are pre-workouts. If you choose right you can boost your workout performance, energize yourself and improve your pump. But which one is the best in 2020? The best for what? Different one will be the best for a novice, different for advanced lifters, different for people preferring a lot of pump and different for someone who loves stimulation and energy. We will give you a top 5 pre-workout recommendation so that whichever group you fall into you will find something for yourself.

LFT SHT by The Warrior Project – this is only for serious enthusiasts of stimulants which have tried many and are still looking for the craziest one on the market. The most common comparison we hear on and on in our shop is how similar it’s effects are to the original Jack3d. Every gym enthusiast knows what I’m talking about, extreme energy and focus. If you like a lot of pump ripping your skin you want to combine it with Varicose (and yes we have a deal if you buy them together). If you take 2 scoops you will hear colours. 

Mr Hyde Surge by ProSupps- if 420 mg of caffeine from different caffeine forms (equivalent of 6 cups of coffee if you ignore other stimulants and stuff that increases your blood flow to transport it faster) combined with testosterone booster won’t rip your head off we don’t know what will. Amazing energy and stimulation but for an extra pump you need to combine it with Jekyll. For absolute fans of high stimulants , high caffeine enthusiasts, with a twist. 

ABE (All black everything) by Applied Nutrition – do you love beta-alanine? So do we, stuff that makes your whole face, hands and skin itchy as hell, it gets a few extra reps out of you and helps you stay awake. This pre-workout is packed with it and candy ice blast flavour increases beta-alanine absorption. Aside from that it’s 200 mg caffeine dose is enough to give you a good workout but at the same time it is intermediate user-friendly and won’t send you to another planet like LFT SHT or Mr Hyde but it is still a very strong choice. 

The Curse by JNX Sports – when it comes to pump this is currently one of the best pre-workouts, you get 50 servings of skin exploding and veins popping delicious liquid that will make you look twice bigger when you finish. It is novice friendly, because it’s 155 mg caffeine content won’t give you a heart attack but do not underestimate this pre-workout, with 50 servings you can double scoop it and it’s a monster. 

Superhero by Scitec Nutrition – this is the most well-balanced choice from all, if you want decent stimulation and decent pump without excess in any of those areas this is a great choice. Combination of l-arginine, citrulline and SABEET will give you an amazing pump and 300 mg of caffeine won’t leave you short of energy. The addition of focus and alertness ingredients will help too.

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